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The Brief

Promote globally, the lesser-known island of Hokkaido, in a way which would allow the island to stand out from the rest of Japan and showcase its true qualities. 

The Strategy

We created and executed a fully-fledged, international campaign, titled “The Sound of Winter”.

We produced a brand film to capture the energy and life of Hokkaido, through the power of music, and to showcase the beauty and authenticity of the local culture.  

We partnered with renowned influencers and ambassadors in the destination, including the oldest katana sword maker, Japan’s kendo champion along with award-winning chefs, artists, musicians and sportsmen, who came on board and worked with us to promote Hokkaido, around the globe.

We launched an international digital amplification plan, reaching our target audience in all our key markets.   

The Success

As a result, we had a potential audience reach of over 1M people and increased the request for international bookings by 1,323%.


Million Audience Reach


Million Impressions